Osiris Stephen and Nina Simmons are like many families coping with a child with a neurological disorder who face daily challenges while trying to normalize day to day activities.  And those challenges include marriage, parenting, intimacy, life work balance, finance and mental health which has pushed them to the brink of no return.  But they’ve found hope through their commitment in helping Aiden heal and develop by using holistic approaches to beat the odds. Join them on the Luv N Cann podcast as they discuss with their guest on how they did it and look to help other families. 

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0071: Dr Eric Mitchell | (Part 2)

Have you had your Daily Vitamin CBD today? As the co-founder and President of Hemp Commodity Industries Dr. Eric Mitchell leads their medicinal and nutritional research division. He explains...

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0070: Dr Eric Mitchell

The threat to the industrialized world cause cannabis to be demonized. Dr. Eric Mitchell was only the third African American to finish the orthopedic program at the university of Pennsylvania...

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0069: Asa Waldstein | Supplement Advisory Group

Just because it's legal doesn't mean companies can say or do anything they like For long-term success in the hemp industry companies must adhere to regulations. Asa Waldstein...

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0068: Cecilia Sivertson | Nana’s Secret

She replaced her epilepsy pharmaceuticals and is now seizure free. Prescription epilepsy medications left Cecilia Sivertson with tremors, pain, and cloudy thinking so, in desperation, she tried cannabis and was...

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0065: Renee Burwell | Pandora’s Awakening

Breaking down many barriers and misconceptions individuals and couples have with sex. Sex is an aspect of humanity that is often taboo and looked at negatively in many communities....

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