Nina and I are two professionals from New York who met in Mexico while on vacation back in 2004 and married in 2010. We were living in NYC, and like most couples, we had a fast-paced lifestyle that kept us busy. Our lives consisted of family, friends, nightlife and fitness; Nina was a physical therapist, and I was in operations and HR. Life was looking up and almost perfect, but our long hours and busy schedules didn’t leave much time for planning a family. A few years later, after much heartfelt discussion, we made the decision to start a family, and were successful. During that time, we talked about the sex of the baby, how we would raise him/her, what values to instill, and our child’s name. When we found out it was going to be a boy, I was excited and overjoyed, and looked forward to playing football and other sports with him. Nina ran track, and I had played football, so between the two of us we knew he’d be an athlete, but there would be no pressure. The night in the hospital we talked about the name we would give our son. Nina thought Michael would be appropriate because it’s a well-known Bible name. But I preferred Maximus, for it signified power and persona. In the end, we chose Aiden, which seemed to fit his spirit. Now, looking back, it was the right choice.

After the first two years, Aiden was growing, developing and reaching his milestones, but something had changed soon after he had a fever at 18 months, which resulted in a febrile seizure. After that, the seizures slowly increased in frequency and severity, and it was around this time that I lost my job and had a near-death experience, and Aiden was hospitalized. In 2015, Aiden had a grand mal seizure that didn’t stop, and we panicked and rushed to hospital where he was admitted for three days. The neurologist came to us with the frightening news that he had generalized epilepsy. We had never heard of those terms, and we were distraught. From that moment, everything in our lives changed. This was followed by six years of doctors’ appointments, hospitalizations, IEP meetings, testing, medications, different treatments, consultations, financial hardships, and almost an end to our marriage. But somehow, we persevered and overcame all the challenges, and aided Aiden in his recovery.

Our story is no different than many others who have experienced what we have, and what we continued to experience. And it is because of Aiden that we decided to start a podcast to share our journey to let parents out there know that, “You are not alone.” When we began our parenting, no one could have convinced us that this would be our lives. We now embrace our path, and we want to help couples who may want to start a family, or those who are currently facing the same challenges and don’t know where to turn or what to do. We only hope that by sharing our experience we can help at least one family, with hopes of helping many more.